Pharmacy of Your Choice


Some Information on POYC

The Pharmacy Of Your Choice Division [POYC] was set-up in December 2007 to introduce and sustain the POYC Scheme nation wide. The Pharmacy of Your Choice Scheme was launched within the local community in July 2007

The Overall Objectives

The POYC Scheme is one of Government’s key initiatives aimed at introducing and sustaining innovative patient-centric reforms in Malta and Gozo. Its fundamental intent is to facilitate a more comfortable and equitable access to the Government’s free pharmaceutical service, by shifting this service from the Health Centres’ pharmacies to the patients’ place of residence — to any community pharmacy of the patients’ own choice. The added value of the POYC Scheme is intended to eliminate the long waiting and queuing times spent at the Health Centres for this service, and simultaneously gain its beneficiaries a prompter and more personalised pharmaceutical service in respect of information, advice and delivery.

For information on how to apply for POYC and what the procedure is, kindly call or visit one of our Pharmacies, and we will be more than happy to help you.

POYC is offered in all Brown’s Pharmacies.
Service is immediate – Monday to Friday during opening hours.