Personal Medical Record



Science is continually making new discoveries allowing us to identify disease early and better manage illness and disease.  As a result, we now tend to live longer and healthier lives.  This also means that you have at your disposal much more information than ever before.  Consequently, you are being asked to understand and keep track of much more information than ever before.  This may prove a challenge.  But in a system that promotes you to become more and more involved; together with your doctor, pharmacist and other health practitioners; in the decisions on how to manage your health and well-being, being well informed is increasingly important.

With this in mind Brown’s Pharma has developed this service, whereby during your appointment with a Clinical Pharmacist, you will be provided with a booklet to help you keep in one place a complete track of the main information on your health status and how any disease or health ailment is being managed.

The goal behind this document is to help you and your health practitioners keep a clear and full picture on your health profile and your health management strategy.  Local and International experience shows that this helps improve communication between health professionals allowing them to provide you with what is known as ‘seamless care’.

We augur that by keeping this booklet up to date you will manage to better understand how your health is being managed.  The main objective is always you – helping you enjoy the benefits of a healthy life and well-being.

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