numis® med

numis® med pH 5,5 offers a balanced product assortment. The selection of the very mild active ingredient combinations took place according to the latest dermatological knowledge and the special moisturizer Hydrolactol® especially created for this series pampers the skin so caring for it becomes an experience – the skin stays supple and looks fresh and healthy.

The textures have no parabenes, paraffin oils, Vaseline and dyes.


numis® med UREA  medical skin care was developed in collaboration with a famous testing institute especially for persons with neurodermatitis, diabetes and psoriasis as well as for those with dry skin.

Since it contains no perfume, lanolin, PEG, dyes, parabenes and mineral oils, this series is particularly suitable for allergy-sensitive skin.

A comprehensive clinical study has demonstrated its outstanding effectiveness and tolerance for very dry, problematic skin. This study has also shown that a regular application of numsi® med UREA products enhances the skin’s moisture content by 44%.

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